Magnify the beauty

of your eyes.

Advanced Night Repair

New. Eye Concentrate Matrix


Proven to dramatically reduce the look of lines,

wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.


With new 360° Matrix Technology, it strengthens

the delicate skin around your eyes.


Intensely nourishes for a full 24 hours with a 2X

concentrated infusion of Hyaluronic Acid.

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    Your Nightly Routine

    Estée Lauder's comprehensive approach to skin's nightly renewal.

    1. Cleanse

    2. Strengthen

    3. Repair

    4. Moisturize

    Powerful Nighttime Renewal

    Start using Advanced Night Repair for face and eyes tonight—and wake up

    to more beautiful skin every day.

    Why You Need

    Advanced Night Repair

    Did you know that skin cell damage is the primary

    cause of premature skin aging? Your skin naturally

    repairs this damage every night—but it needs help.

    Advanced Night Repair Serum reduces the look of the

    visible signs of damage caused by the environment

    during the day, and by lack of sleep at night.

    Why It’s Effective

    Natural cell renewal and repair happens consistently at

    night. Advanced Night Repair is the only serum with

    ChronoluxCB™ to support skin's natural re-synchronizing

    and encourage its innate repair process.