Power. Luxury.

Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond
Revitalizing Mask Noir

Luxury has a new shade. Your two-step ritual for ultra smooth,
radiant skin begins with the silky, custom-crafted brush, inspired by
the ancient therapy of “dry brushing.” Then comes the purifying, gently
exfoliating mask, with concentrated levels of Black Diamond Truffle Extract.
Strikingly noir, intensely nourishing, exquisitely revitalizing.

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Rare Energy
Now For Eyes

Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond
Transformative Energy Eye Creme

With a single touch, the transformation begins. Use it every day
for eyes that look brighter, re-awakened, firmer and more lifted.

Face Creme

Eye Creme

Energized with the rare power
of precious Black Diamond Truffle Extract.

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Energy Surges

Skin looks vividly renewed as
next-generation sculpting technologies
power a profoundly younger look.

Luxury Enfolds

The sensually soft texture is more
plush and velvety than anything
you’ve ever felt on your skin.



Energized and strengthened from within,
skin looks radiant, more contoured, with
its youthful inner light restored.

Rare Discovery
Rare Luxury

Ultimate Diamond Dual Infusion

The groundbreaking discovery that helps
energize the 100 million skin cells
on your face.

One of nature’s rarest treasures, the Black
Diamond Truffle is now transformed into a
potent new energy infusion for your skin.

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In The
Golden Vial

Black Diamond Truffle Extract,
expertly enhanced with our most
advanced youth-sustaining and lifting
technologies plus Refined 24K Gold.

In The
Platinum Vial

A blend of high-potency skin
refinishers, to gently and rapidly
refine, smooth, and reduce the
look of pores. South Sea Pearls
help create instant radiance.


In A Moment Of
Pure Power

Both elixirs come together to help energize
the 100 million skin cells on your face.

  • Rare Treasure

    The quest for the exceptional

    The Black Diamond Truffle, now transformed
    into a potent new energy infusion for your skin.

  • Rare Essence

    The pure potency of the Black Diamond

    10,000 hours in the making, this is the
    groundbreaking discovery that helps
    transform every facet of your skin.

  • Rare Beauty

    Empower your skin like never before

    Every facet appears dramatically
    transformed. Skin looks firmer and more
    sculpted, more refined, more luminous.


Ultimate Diamond Collection